Thursday, December 14, 2006

My A B C's

In an attempt to get back on Writey The Horse, I'm going to try to write my alphabet. Here's the first three letters.


Aaron was the high priest of Israel. Moses did not trust himself to speak, so God allowed his brother, Aaron, to speak for him. So when all those bold, “Let my people go!” things were said to Pharoah, it was not Charlton Heston that said them. It was Aaron who spoke those intimidating words, while Moses stood there like a mute. I wonder if Aaron was really much better at public speaking than his brother. Maybe he just knew better than to tell the Lord, “I can’t speak!” My name is Aaron. Far be it from me to tell God that I can’t do something.


I have an older brother. He’s 24, I’m 32.

I really miss him.


A best friend of mine is named Christopher. This name comes from the story of Saint Christopher, the “Christ-bearer.” “Reprobus” was his original name, and before his conversion, he was a fearful man. He was big (in legend he’s a giant), and his demeanor was as frightening as his size. Upon his conversion, he became a hermit, and lived in a simple hut by a raging river. One night, Reprobus heard a little boy calling him, asking him to bear him across. Reprobus agreed, thinking this would not be a difficult due to his own great size and the slightness of the little boy. Reprobus lifted the boy onto his shoulders and began across the stream. But with each step, the boy became heavier and heavier. Reprobus was nearly crushed under the weight of the child, and was nearly drowned by the untamed waters. When he finally reached the other side, Reprobus fell to the ground, having safely brought the boy across. “How can it be that you were so heavy, little boy?” asked the giant. “It is because the One you bore across this river is the One who carries the weight of the world, and the One who created the earth itself. I am Jesus, the Christ. Your name will no longer be Reprobus. It will be Christopher, the Christ-Bearer.”

A best friend is named Christopher, and he has often faced raging waters to bear Christ to me.