Thursday, December 14, 2006

My A B C's

In an attempt to get back on Writey The Horse, I'm going to try to write my alphabet. Here's the first three letters.


Aaron was the high priest of Israel. Moses did not trust himself to speak, so God allowed his brother, Aaron, to speak for him. So when all those bold, “Let my people go!” things were said to Pharoah, it was not Charlton Heston that said them. It was Aaron who spoke those intimidating words, while Moses stood there like a mute. I wonder if Aaron was really much better at public speaking than his brother. Maybe he just knew better than to tell the Lord, “I can’t speak!” My name is Aaron. Far be it from me to tell God that I can’t do something.


I have an older brother. He’s 24, I’m 32.

I really miss him.


A best friend of mine is named Christopher. This name comes from the story of Saint Christopher, the “Christ-bearer.” “Reprobus” was his original name, and before his conversion, he was a fearful man. He was big (in legend he’s a giant), and his demeanor was as frightening as his size. Upon his conversion, he became a hermit, and lived in a simple hut by a raging river. One night, Reprobus heard a little boy calling him, asking him to bear him across. Reprobus agreed, thinking this would not be a difficult due to his own great size and the slightness of the little boy. Reprobus lifted the boy onto his shoulders and began across the stream. But with each step, the boy became heavier and heavier. Reprobus was nearly crushed under the weight of the child, and was nearly drowned by the untamed waters. When he finally reached the other side, Reprobus fell to the ground, having safely brought the boy across. “How can it be that you were so heavy, little boy?” asked the giant. “It is because the One you bore across this river is the One who carries the weight of the world, and the One who created the earth itself. I am Jesus, the Christ. Your name will no longer be Reprobus. It will be Christopher, the Christ-Bearer.”

A best friend is named Christopher, and he has often faced raging waters to bear Christ to me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the new Door.

Check it!


Thursday, October 12, 2006


The truth is out there. Way out there. So out there you may not believe it. I have obtained the following document, mysteriously left at the doorstep of our YWAM Modesto office. I have long suspected an organized conspiracy. Nothing could have prepared me for this. Read with caution.

To Truth-Seekers everywhere:

It is my ardent desire to pass this information on to you, even if it is at the cost of my own life.

There is a global conspiracy. It is very real and it is very dangerous. Every major national election or ascendancy to a throne over the past several hundred years has been engineered, organized and executed by a secretive group with dark intentions. The Priory of Sion is a fraud. The Masons are tired and old. The Illuminati is still in the Dark Ages. All true religious and political power in the world is directly connected with....

The Red Hat Society!

You may have seen the Red Hat Society in your own town. Donning purple dresses and red hats, these women over 50 gather in secretive meetings all over the world.

Using a thin veneer of “fun” as their cover, this organization gathers like-minded, middle-aged women into ‘Red Hat Sleeper-Cells’. Each of these groups are led by a “Queen Mother,” who is in turn accountable to the national “Exalted Queen Mother.” Other disturbing titles include “Vice-Mother”, “Vice- Queen,” and even “Mistress of Anxiety” These groups claim to be about “frivolity” and meeting middle-age with “verve, humor, and élan.” (Whatever the hell ‘élan’ is!) But the truth is that these groups are about secrecy, control, intimidation and NUDITY!

Nudity? Yes, nudity. Horrible, horrible nudity. It is common for local chapters of The Red Hat Society to hold “nude-outs,” where members of the group come together for a strange ceremony in which they have a brunch buffet, and proceed to remove their clothing, all the while cackling with turkey-like glee. I have in my possession disturbing and horrific photographic evidence, in the form of a calendar featuring various members in “sexy” or “sassy” poses. The images have been burned into my memory, and I am awakened every night, in a cold sweat, screaming for God to remove them from my mind.

It is at these secret, nude meetings that these middle-aged seekers of power come together to discuss their plans for world domination. You may be asking how these seemingly unassuming women have access to such incredible political and religious power. It is absolute genius in its simplicity. Almost every major president and/or head-of-state is middle-aged, and married to a middle-aged woman! It is a known fact that our own president George W. Bush is both a Mason and a member of the infamous Skulls. What is not common knowledge is his wife Laura’s role as ‘Queen Mother’ of the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Red Hat Society.

Washington has long been linked to the Red Hats. Nancy Reagan practically flaunted her involvement with her trademark red dresses. It is customary for the First Lady to wear a hat to her husband’s inauguration. Nancy’s choice of color? RED! She was making a bold statement to the world about who was really in control of the presidency: The Red Hat Society!

However, the Society’s religious power is, fortunately, more difficult to obtain and enforce. It is known that wives of several key religious figures in the United States alone are involved with the Red Hats. Their influence extends throughout the Southern Baptist Convention, the Episcopal church, and the Presbyterian church.

Fortunately, their influence has been somewhat frustrated within the Catholic Church due to the celibate, male priesthood, though they are not untouched. A source close to me within the Vatican has told me personally that he believes that this is the key reason why the Catholic Church is so resistant to the female priesthood. They have been aware of the Society’s movements over the last several hundred years, and have been a key force for limiting the society’s power and influence. The very idea of these women donning red hats is an obvious mockery of the hierarchy of the church and the Cardinals in particular.

While the Red Hat Society in its current form seems to have only been around for a short time, the truth is that their history predates the Masons. It is even speculated that the Masons were engineered by the Society in order to divert attention from the Mason’s wives.

You may be asking how it is I became privy to such damning information. It is because I myself was once a member. Bravely cross-dressing in purple and red for truth and justice, I was able to infiltrate a local, Wyoming chapter of the Red Hats. I have personally seen, from the inside, the power these women have over their families and their husbands, many of whom are high-powered business men, elected officials, and religious leaders. While it is true that these women wear purple dresses, it is easy to see just who wears the pants in the family!

If all of this is not proof enough to convince you of the Society’s quest for power and domination, behold the following statement, taken directly from the Red Hat Society’s official web site (

“We are all familiar with groups of the past, which stridently sought to achieve their agendas.... If we do not join together under the banner of The Red Hat Society, but rather remain isolated, in unconnected groups, that will not happen. Therefore, we are working to build a dis-organization within which we can all connect and eventually take over the world!”

You must not take this lightly! You may not have realized it, but there are probably representatives of this subversive and nude organization in your own church or religious community! They are powerful and they are dangerous!

If this letter finds publication, my life will most assuredly be in danger. Don’t let my cross-dressing and my untimely demise be in vain! Don’t let these Scarlet Ladies take any more control! The time to rise up is now! Show these slovenly spinsters that you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to be ruled by their nude power anymore!

Let the People Rule!

Regnat Populus!

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Last Moments

I will be the same person when I die as I am today.

If I was in a situation like the passengers of flight 93 on September 11, 2001, would I act courageously? Would I stand up and fight? I can answer those questions by asking them of myself today.

Do I act courageously? Do I move forward in spite of fear? Do I stand beside those who cannot stand for themselves? Does love motivate me to do more than what is seemingly possible?

If the answers are 'yes,' then I can be assured of what my final moments would be like. My last moments will be marked by love and courage.

If you want to die like a hero, live like one.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

This is an extremely proud moment for me. This is a picture from the new Wittenburg Door. Next to Becky Garrison is Jim Wallis holding a copy of the 'East Coast/West Coast Social Justice Turf War' cover, from a piece written by ME! So Jim Wallis has read the article I wrote on Jim Wallis.

I'm just tickled.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This Past Week.

This past week...

I saw a giant, white bird rising out of the vineyards as the sun shone just above the mountains in the east.

I walked in the orchards of plumb trees as birds flew from branch to branch, their purple-blue matching precisely the colours of the fruit, while dragonflies whirred by and jackrabbits ran through the grass.

I sat in awe of the consecrated host and pondered the meaning of Christ’s words, “I am the Bread of Life.”

I met people who are free of guile and pretense. People who know what it is to love God and be loved by Him.

I laid down and stared up at a vast field of diamonds at 4 in the morning.

I saw Christ everywhere.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gone Fishin'

I'm off to the Abbey of New Clairveaux this week.

See ya soon.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things I've Done Lately.

I sat and had a cigarette with Arley (I only smoke with him. I buy him a pack and then ask to borrow one!). He loves all the CSI shows, AND Navy NCIS. He likes Lost, but wishes they wouldn't do the flashbacks so much. "I want to know what's going on on the Island!"

Ashley, who turned 11 last week, was thirsty when we went to the motels. I got her some water from the corner store. Sometimes, I think I love her like she was my own kid.

Today we prayed with Debra. She's moving out of the permanent-trailer park. She lives with her husband, her sick father-in-law and her brother-in-law. She loves God very much and knows that she'll be okay. Faith is not knowing where you're going to live next and loving God anyway.

I sat and watched the daily Mass on EWTN, with Father Pablo Straub. He's the old man who exudes God's strength and love like a Play-Doh beard. I hope I'm like that when I'm and old priest.

I sang songs to God in the company of a couple hundred 20-somethings. I liked that. It's been a while.

I gave a rosary to Antoinette. She's about 10, and she's been asking for a cross to wear because she say's "Jesus came into my heart and forgave my sins!" God is absolutely real to her. She gave one of the top 10 hugs I've received this year.

I sinned. There's at least a little bit of that every day. Some days are better than others. Depends on how self-absorbed I am.

I wrote a couple articles for the Wittenburg Door. Haven't heard if they'll get picked up yet.

And God has performed 896,795,492,523 acts of grace and beauty today. But that's just counting the ones that I can see. They include everything from giving me a new breath every second and working fingers, to sunlight and green grass, to quantum mechanics.

God is big. Really big. Big enough to care about the tiniest details of human life. I like that.

Thanks, God, for a world for us to do stuff in.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Forget the Masons...

... forget the Priory of Sion. Forget the Illuminati. Do you wanna know who's really running the world?

The Red Hat Society.

'nuff said.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What We Hold.

The hardest things to let go of are the things that are out of our hands.