Wednesday, March 05, 2008



Full of Grace,
stands by her Son.
The wedding feast has need of wine.

“We need more wine,” she tells him.
“What is this to you and me?” he asks her.

She smiles.
“Do what he tells you,” she tells her servants.

He shakes his head.
Water is turned to wine.

Full of Grace,
stands by her Son.
The Wedding Feast has need of wine.

“Behold, your son.” he tells her with a smile,
and his beloved disciple takes her into his home.

Through tears, she smiles.
“Do what he tells you,” she whispers to her sons.

He lowers his head.
His side is pierced.

The Wedding Feast is given wine,
and he has saved the best until last.


JD said...

amen and amen

Bringer of Smiles said...

this may seem a small matter to anyone not me, but i noticed that this most beautiful of blogs was posted on my mother's birthday.

Chris said...

Worth the wait

Anonymous said...

where's that in the bible?
John Rosenbaum

Anonymous said...

That was good. Best blog since Visitation (which I improbably thought was about prison) in Joyful Mysteries. Keep going.


Anonymous said...

Wow. My breath caught for a moment. Amazing.