Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Reviewing my entries, I noticed that somehow I missed a letter along the way. So, before we proceed to "Z", here's an "N".


All of them were gone. Every single one. Stones lay on the ground all around, dropped in frustration, forming a circle around the quietly sobbing girl. She was huddled on the ground, covering herself as best she could, both hands hiding her eyes. She was naked, but felt the most shame in showing her face.

One man remained, the one who had sent the others away. The Nice Man. He straightened up and looked around, making a show of his search for the accusers. He met her eyes as she cautioned a glance toward him. He made a shrug with his face.

"Ma'am?" he said with feigned astonishment, the corners of his mouth betraying his dramatic tone. "Where are they? Has no one condemned you?"

She dared to look him in the eye, and in spite of herself, a little giggle broke through her tears. "No one, sir."

He removed his cloak and covered her.

She scrunched up her smile. She lifted her head and said it again. "No one."

"Neither do I," he said. He smiled again, and broke her chains. "Go, and don't do this any more."

“Thank-you.” She wiped her face, all wet with tears and running nose and beauty. "Thank-you."

They stood together for a moment, and there, for the first time, she was embraced by a man.


Bringer of Smiles said...

i teared up

Karina said...

Your storytelling is breathtaking, and you make Jesus so...real.

I can't even begin to express how much this post has impacted me. But it has deeply.

Thank you for sharing this.

Your Friend Aaron said...

Thanks, Karina. That's about the best compliment anyone could give. I was thinking of a prostitute I met on Ninth Street here in Modesto when I wrote it, and placing her into this scenario is kind of a prayer.

Thanks very much for reading.

Karina said...

Aaron, this post is still on my mind. I know who were thinking of when you wrote it but I think this would resonate with many women from all different life experiences. Would you mind if I linked you on my blog and referred to what you wrote? Stories like this can soften womens' hearts and give them hope.

Thanks again.

PS What say...in return, I send you some Timmy's?

Your Friend Aaron said...

It's a deal!

I'd be honoured. And you don't even have to send Timmy's.

Karina said...

cool! thanks.