Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mixed Metaphors

I want the rescuing to be done. After all these years, I still get wrapped up in results. This isn't the work of a lifeguard at a public pool. It's the steady consistency of Love, and sometimes... most times... all the time... it takes a little time.

When healing comes at a snail's pace, I have to choose to believe that it's coming at all. Then I look at the snail on my walkway, strolling in the cold night air. If not for the trail he leaves behind, I might not believe he's moving at all. But there it is, plainly seen in the light of my front porch, and I know that something good is happening.  Have patience.

Love is not an action movie.  It's a Russian novel.


Mark said...

Awesome! Yea, and Amen!

Jim and Kelly said...

I've been searching my mind for this language, but it only comes from the heart. Thank you. This is the Kingdom.

Jim and Kelly said...

I mean, seriously. Thank you. Good stuff.

Karina said...

I agree, good stuff.