Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good People From Fresno

This week we've been hosting a team of high schoolers from Fresno.  They are awesome.

Here a few things I witnessed today, in no particular order.

Someone serenading little Mary and her friend Frances with a song on Ninth Street, accompanied by a ukelele.

Katie, who has a physical disability ( and I use the term loosely in Katie's case), saying the following phrases to people at the barbecue, and completely disarming them with her frank sweetness:

"Will you tell me your story?"
"Can I give you a hug?"
"Jesus loves you!"

A dance-off between myself, Chris, some teens from Ninth Street, and most of the Fresno team, by the back of the van, all the while blaring Michael Jackson songs.

A girl named Angel, who is one, serving Marvin a hamburger and a heaping pile of natural kindness.

Young men who are not just committed to serving God and one another, but happy to do it.

Young women who eat whole burritos, quesadillas, and plates of tacos without leaving a speck of leftovers.  (I was very disappointed that my clean-up services were not required).

A team of people that truly loves one another.

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