Tuesday, March 23, 2010

He Really Likes Me.

God doesn't just love you, he likes you.

This is something my youth pastor told me twenty years ago, and I'm still just starting to get it. Tonight, I told a room full of young people the same thing. Each one of them is dealing with a mess of some kind, and the amount of self-esteem in the room could probably fill a tea cup. Each of them will be in some kind of mess or another for the rest of their lives. But it can be a good mess, and they can know they are loved in the midst of it. He knows them. He is with them. He loves them.

I want to know this, too, but I have so many defences against his love. I long for it, yet so often keep it at a safe distance. My prayer of late is that he would completely disarm me. Oddly enough, (though it should have come as no surprise) the most disarming thing can be a good laugh. God knows my deepest pain, and my best joke.

God likes me. What a life-changing concept.


Jim and Kelly said...

Where's THAT in the Bible?

Jim and Kelly said...

Sometimes I like to be an idiot.

Karina said...

I like this. It's a nice reminder.

By they way, your prayer is so bold. It kind of makes me flinch. Kind of like when I hear people pray for strength, BUT, really, God totally digs that kind of boldness.

PS the blog revamp looks great.

James Harrison said...